Final ALICE RAP General meeting and pre-conference satellite event

22nd September 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

The final ALICE RAP Plenary meeting took place in Lisbon, on Tuesday 22nd September 2015, as an open full-day (9h - 17:30h) pre-conference satellite session to the Lisbon Addictions conference.

  • Agenda (click "read more" below to see the full agenda and links to presentations)
  • Evaluation report of the final ALICE RAP Plenary meeting



Session 1: New concepts of addiction (download session 1 presentations)

  • What ALICE RAP is all about – Peter Anderson
  • Adopting a definition of heavy use over time – Toni Gual
  • Margin of Exposure (MoE) to assess harm – Dirk Lachenmeier

Session 2: Drivers of harm (download session 2 presentations)

  • The inter-connected nature of drivers – Petra Meier
  • How population and demographic changes will impact on substance-attributable harmin the EU – Jürgen Rehm/Robin Room
  • Private sector impact on the harm done by addictive substances and behaviours – David Miller

Session 3: Societal approaches to reduce harm (download session 3 presentations)

  • The Addictions Footprint as a policy tool – Peter Anderson
  • Civil society approaches to reducing the harm done by addictive substances and behaviours – Matilda Hellman
  • Clusters of governance approaches – Tamyko Ysa

Session 4: Towards a new Governance (no presentations given)

Round table discussion moderated by Franklin Apfel. Discussants: Peter Anderson, Emma Disley, Toni Gual, Alison Ritter, Robin Room and Franz Trautmann.