A-Debate - U-Turn on Addictions (Final ALICE RAP Policy dialogue)

Barcelona and online, 17th-18th February 2016

ALICE RAP hosted an on-site and on-line final debate to present and discuss key research findings coming out of the project, their policy implications and the science with the greatest potential to contribute to smart and evidence-based global drugs policy. High-level scientists, policy actors from national and international organisations and expert civil society actors participated in the event, which is expected to shape the messages from multidisciplinary addiction science for drug policy influencers and implementers. 

17/3/2016 The A-Debate Science Summary has been finalised

A report evaluating the A-Debate is now available

Discussions were stimulated by short scientific presentations on key topics:

Opening Session: Introduction to the A-Debate science


Moderators: Peter Anderson and Toni Gual



SESSION 1: Why worry about addictions?

Chair: Cees Goos


SESSION 2: Active agents in our addiction

 Chair: Peter Anderson


View the video of Session 2

SESSION 3: Addiction – a chameleon concept

 Chair: Virginia Berridge


View the video of Session 3

SESSION 4: Commercialization of addictive products

 Chair: Ian Gilmore


View the video of Session 4

SESSION 5: Heading off harm: Pathways, potency and policy 

 Chair: Robert West


View the video of Session 5

SESSION 6: Strengthening prevention and treatment

 Chair: Toni Gual


View the video of Session 6

SESSION 7: Using the tools of science to govern addictions

 Chair: Franz Trautmann


View the video of Session 7

CLOSING SESSION: Reframing addictions – Where do we go from here?

  Moderator: Franklin Apfel


View the video of the Closing Session


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