Social costs of addiction

Social cost estimates can be viewed as the baseline for avoidable burden studies, which estimate possible savings with effective policy and programme implementation. Full social cost estimates are also useful for advocacy purposes, and the most effective strategies to reduce harm may be informed by quantifying the burden, calling for full estimates of the social costs of drug use.


LEADER work on social costs
Building on the experience of estimating the social costs of illicit drug use in three jurisdictions (Catalonia, Poland and Portugal) within the ALICE RAP project, and through systematic reviews of the literature on social costs (D1.1) and guideline documents to estimate these (D1.2), LEADER has developed a Guidance Pack (document and calculation templates) which updates and clarifies existing guidance on estimating the social costs of illegal drugs, and provides instructions and examples of estimating the social costs of harm to others than the drug user, a methodology rarely included in existing guidance.


The LEADER Guidance Video Tutorials

Video 1. Introduction to the LEADER Guidance Pack


Video 2. Contents of the LEADER Guidance Pack


LEADER Outputs

Repository of social costs references
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