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AR_D21.1 Final evaluation report AR_D21.1 Final evaluation report

Date added: 03/22/2016
Date modified: 03/22/2016
Filesize: 5.15 MB
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Final report presenting and summarising the results of ALICE RAP's work package devoted to the project evaluation, putting forward recommendations for future transdisciplinary research.

Deliverable 08.2 Determinants of harmful substance use/gambling: model and transition probabilities Deliverable 08.2 Determinants of harmful substance use/gambling: model and transition probabilities

Date added: 04/25/2014
Date modified: 02/15/2016
Filesize: 5.29 MB
Downloads: 5323

This report focuses on the development of models concerned with
the transition from risky use to harmful use of substances and gambling. It also and includes the transition probabilities between no use-risky-harmful-cessation stages for tobacco.

Deliverable 14.2 Addiction governance practices Deliverable 14.2 Addiction governance practices

Date added: 08/11/2014
Date modified: 07/27/2015
Filesize: 3.03 MB
Downloads: 5427

In this study we analyse a number of current major trends in drug and gambling policy in the EU. The focus is on identifying important factors that influence policy decision making and policy implementation.

Deliverable 14.1 Policy scales Deliverable 14.1 Policy scales

Date added: 04/29/2015
Date modified: 06/15/2015
Filesize: 4.86 MB
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Can a country's alcohol policies say something about what kind of tobacco policies are implemented? Or does a strict set of gambling policies guarantee that the country also has implemented strict policies for other addictive substances or behaviours?

The work undertaken in Work package 14, task 1, looks at policy scales for alcohol, tobacco, gambling and illicit drgus, in slightly different ways depending on the addiction and the history of previous scaling attempts. Two brand new policy scales were developed within the Alice Rap project - one for gambling policies and another one dealing with cannabis and heroin. Two previously constructed scales, one for alcohol and one for tobacco, are also included in the work package and their structures and methodology are systematically compared to each other.

Deliverable 03.1: Media Images Report Deliverable 03.1: Media Images Report

Date added: 01/14/2014
Date modified: 07/27/2015
Filesize: 722.81 kB
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This report accounts for proceedings and results from a European study on media images on addiction in 6 European countries: Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

The study provides new knowledge on the role of the mass media in construing different images of addiction related problems, and how these roles can be traced to different European traditions when it comes to welfare systems; tasks of the print press and mass media landscapes. Trends of de-politicisation and individualisation were the most striking overall developments over time.