Alice Rap videos

4th ALICE RAP General Partners' Meeting, Amsterdam 2014 - Video montage

Video montage with interventions of the ALICE RAP partners shown during the 4th Plenary Meeting that took place in Amsterdam the 13th and 14th May 2014


Peter Anderson's video talk presenting the ALICE RAP Project

Peter Anderson's video talk presenting the ALICE RAP Project at "Drug harms in the EU" Conference that took place the 15-16th May 2013 in Brussels.

ALICE RAP Policy Science Dialogue Session

The session on 'Policy Science Dialogue' that took place the 17th of May 2012 during the ALICE RAP 2nd General Partners' Meeting in Newcastle, dealt with the importance of involvement of policy-makers and other key actors and stakeholders in the project. This session, moderated by Maurice Mittelmark, used computer-mediated communication (CMC), a viable way to facilitate dialogue about complex issues when large number of scientists from highly divergent backgrounds are involved.


Video Summary of the 2nd General Partners' Meeting in Newcastle

Some images of the second ALICE RAP General partners' meeting that took place in Newcastle on the 15th-18th of May 2012.


ALICE RAP partners in Mallorca Steering Group Meeting

ALICE RAP partners attending the project Steering Group Meeting in Mallorca (Spain) that took place in March 2012, talked about several questions related to alcohol consumption and its legislation. In these viedos we can see Cees Goos, Franz Trautmann, Sir Ian Gilmore, John Holmes, Peter Anderson and Priscillia Hunt.


Cees Goos - Anton Proksch Institut Stiftung Genesungsheim Kalksburg


Peter Anderson - Newcastle University


Franz Trautmann - Trimbos Intituut


Sir Ian Gimore - European Commission’s Science Group of the Alcohol and Health Forum


John Holmes - University of Sheffield


Priscillia Hunt - RAND Corporation