Alice Rap videos

ALICE RAP partners in Barcelona Kick-off Meeting

ALICE RAP partners attending the project kick-off meeting that took place in Barcelona in May 2011, talked about the objectives for the project and their areas of expertise. In these videos you can see Claire Bithell, David Miller, Harry Sumnall, David Nutt and Jan E. Karlsen.


Claire Bithell - Science Media Center


David Miller - University of Bath


Harry Sumnall - Liverpool John Moores University


David Nutt - Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine


Jan E. Karlsen - Universitetet i Stavanger

Tamyko Ysa discusses ALICE RAP and the impact of addiction on public health

Dr. Tamyko Ysa's group at ESADE, in collaboration with other scientists and public health experts in Area 5, will spend the duration of ALICE RAP exploring the governance of addictions.